Advertising Photographer Lissa Hahn : Kalamazoo, MI

Advertising Photographer Lissa Hahn : Kalamazoo, MI

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Profile and About Advertising Photographer Lissa Hahn : Kalamazoo, MI


Lissa Hahn is a fine art photographer who has been shooting commercial projects since 2001. She divides her time shooting assignments in Los Angeles and Michigan as well as on location shoots. She is hired for her proven ability to deliver the highest caliber imagery with professionalism and feeling.

Visual problem solving is her passion. She uses a range of cameras and lighting equipment, a great crew, and an instinctive sensibility to create a specific feeling, emotion, or idea in her work.

Some of Lissa's projects include the Hipcooks Cook Book, portraits of Guri Weinberg from The Twilight Saga, Developing photography guides for LifeLine to Care photography, Nestles Advertorials, Kuhl Care packaging art, Reva Vase packing & catalog, Philosophy Antiques Advertising, Fashion Line Exarthur, Lush Magazine, OC Weekly, Tulle Clothing, Topin Catalogs, Maxine Dillon Look Books, Puella Look Books, and Glascia Icebottle Packing images.


The California-born Hahn began her photographic studies in high school, in Richmond VA, where she learned traditional darkroom film processing and printing techniques. In 1995 she moved to California to pursue her studies of photography including a master workshop with renowned photographer Mark Edward Harris at the University of California, Los Angeles. Hahn supported her studies by working at a prestigious Hollywood photography lab where she came in direct contact with the film of Bruce Weber, the prints of Ellen Von Unwerth and many other photographic luminaries. She then headed to New York to work as a photographic assistant while shopping her portfolio around. Assignments and gallery exhibitions soon allowed Hahn to leave her invaluable assisting days behind.

In 2002 Hahn opened her own photography studio in Los Angeles at the Brewery Artist Colony, a location she continues as to use as one of her creative bases.


Taking an innovative approach to photography. Hahn's images are created not with digital manipulation but with one click of the camera. Capturing a parallax perspective, detached from context, she expands spatial depth altering our visual sense of reality. Brilliant color spaces meet complex patterns and unfold a startlingly unique visual every time.

Hahn's Diplopia series of photographs are printed onto aluminum giving the images an added omnipresent holographic feeling.

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Cocktail & chicpeas



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Commercial 1

Commercial Photography

Doctor lissa hahn

Surgeon Publicity Portrait


201510Hipcooks 73a

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Fashion Advertising

Commercial Photography

Maxine Dillon 4

Created for Maxine Dillon Clothing Line- Advertising Materials

Maxine Dillon 3

Created for Maxine Dillon Clothing Line- Advertising Materials

Maxine Dillon 1

Created for Maxine Dillon Clothing Line- Advertising Materials
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Commercial 2

Commercial Photography

13216CarolinePho 255

Actress: Caroline Pho

Tom Jones

Tom Jones

Guri Weinberg

Actor: Guri Weinberg
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Food and Leisure


Provence- Bed and Breakfast

Provence- Bed and Breakfast: Villa de Lorgues



Villa Gallici - Aix-en-Provence
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