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California native, Portland-based photographer, Lissa specializes in food, lifestyle, and brand photography supporting the culinary professional. She has built a reputation for creating consistently clean and classic images.  Working with chefs, cooking schools, restaurants, and agencies, in collaboration, our creative environment has proven limitless.   


Her clients include Hipcooks, Nestle, Labatt, Food Dance, Icebox, Kuhl Care, The Biltmore Hotel, Katy Perry, Cher, AT&T, Dance Dance Revolution, Kalamazoo food week association and many more. With Lissa's combined extensive knowledge in the industry and a keen eye for styling, Lissa creates strong visual content for her clients.



Lissa's first paid photography job, at the age of 19, was shooting portraits of Jackson Browne and Ray Manzarek (keyboardist from the Doors), both in the same day. Intimidating but a good introduction to the real world of shooting interesting people and pulling it off with no problem! (The only snafu was that Ray Manzarek was cranky because I was 5 minutes early. I said, "I'm sorry I'm a little bit early." He said, "Me too.")