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Hipcooks | Web Design

Originally I refaced the Hipcooks site in 2015 based on the function that already existed. We started a whole redesign in 2018 with a brand new look with new functions. I used Adobe XD to mock up the new look. Once the designs were complete, I handed off them off to the coder and worked with him weekly until the new pages were complete. 


Hipcooks | Blog Design

Originally I designed the Hipcooks blog in 2015. We needed to rethink the blog in 2018. We wanted to have a clean modern design. I found a template that had most of the look I liked. I mocked up in Adobe XD the new look based on a template. I made changes to the template and handed off the customized theme to a coder. This site can be seen at ... HIPCOOK BLOG but some of the functions & menus have been altered since quarantine by the owner.

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