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Easter Eggs- Tie Dye.

We took the opportunity to try the famously pinterested egg dying trick with silk ties. The dark ugly ties come out lighter than I thought they would. It is a neat concept but I had pictured something completely different. So... it is about experimenting if you tend to be a perfectionist.

Slike ties dying Easter Eggs

The perfectionist in me had to find the coolest 70's fabric that I thought was for-sure silk. It sadly was not because my egg came out with only a kiss of a color. I ended up using the tacky 80's and 90's ties that we had. Although a great use for the tacky ties, I thought I was destined for the coolest egg of the party! Nope. I guess there is always next year.

Our little ones got to do some traditional egg dying. Classic Eggs with crayon drawing! We had fun. My son Mars, even thought so young, still had so much fun making those eggs. It's cute watching clumsy toddlers figure out things.

The hostess with the mostest Brenna Pixley from Nativistic and her husband Mike share the the process with their son Lori. Brenna made a few natural dye baths too. I believe beet water and tea were at hand.

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