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BLT Party! Local Michigan Tomatoes

Yes! It was a blast! I take my camera with me so many places. I feel guilty if I don't. It's hard to leave my camera at home though. The biggest problem is finding the time after everything else to actually edit my personal photos. Life, Work, Kids, ... oh and self care...what is that again? So finally I have had a chance to go through these beautiful pictures. Remembering the tastes of the fresh juicy tomatoes is always so hard look at in the winter. We are about 2 feet or so buried in snow right now. So looking at this party makes my dark winter blues bright and cheery.

Back in September of last year our gracious hosts Tom and Joy held their annual BLT Party! They have an amazing home garden that blows my mind.

My son who is 2 1/2 loves eating tomatoes straight from the garden. When I bring tomatoes home from the store he will not eat them. We'll be growing lots of tomatoes this year just so he can eat them off the vine.

Here are some pics from the party.

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